What did you do?
    For my last community service project of my college career I worked with Asian American Student Union and helped set up and run the 1st annual Cultural Couture Showcase! I was helping […]

    Alianza Latina Community Celebration
    What did you do?
    For Alianza Latina’s Comida Para La Gente celebration on March 23rd, I helped to serve food to students and community members who came to celebrate […]

    Over spring break I worked with a local church that I grew up in called Crossroads SDA. Every Sunday they have a soup kitchen in which we they feed homeless folks, usually a bit less than 100 homeless members […]

    While I was on my trip home I worked in a local soup kitchen! I grew up working in this soup kitchen since it’s a part of a program a local church by my house puts on every weekend. We served at least 70 people […]

  • On Saturday Oct 11th I helped create and participate in the Black Student Union’s Soul Food Social. The Soul Food Social is an alumni event that brings faculty, students, and alumni together for a night of […]

  • T. Cleopatra Doley
    Describe a social problem that you have come in contact with during your civic engagement work. What are the root causes? How can they be changed? Do you see yourself having a role doing that?

    My project was on Sept 23rd myself and about 12 other students who named our selves the ALANA Student Leaders Coalition got together to create a photo opt campaign in the Davis Center in which we took photos of students with their hands up or with signs to illustrate our solidarity with people protesting in Ferguson.
    The photos were ‘Humans of New York’ style and we got about 40 pictures. Our planning process took a few weeks of meeting and figuring out a direction action we wanted to accomplish. This also led to a facebook and twitter media campaign where we share the photos we’ve taking with other students and friends of the project participants.
    The social problem that this campaign addressed was anti-Black police brutality in Ferguson. Due to the fact that another unarmed young Black teen male was shot unlawfully, a few other students and I wanted to get together to raise awareness about this reoccurring issue on campus.
    The root problem that we addressed is the levels of systematic racism in society. Systems of oppression and racism are not limited to KKK hoods and slavery which the more common images and narratives of historical racism. But in todays society, systematic racism leads to smaller things like microagressions experienced on an interpersonal level, and larger systematic illustrations of racism as seen in anti-Black targeting policies by police institutions.
    Things have obviously changed since slavery and Jim Crow laws, but they’ve remanifested them selves in the ‘New’ Jim Crow AKA the School to Prison Pipeline and other systems. My role is in small movements like what we accomplished on this campus to raise awareness and education on a majority white campus. I feel that the more people know about racism the more likely that they’ll grow up to affect positive change when they’re older or even now! I hope the education and awareness I bring to the table enables people to change their perspectives to be more liberating to POC in their personal lives, work place, ect.

  • At the UVM debate tournament, run by the Lawrence Debate Union, I worked together with other UVM debate students to put together and run the tournament! Basically, this tournament gets students from debate teams […]

  • 1. Join other Harris/Millis residents this Wednesday at 7:30 p.m. in the Dewey Space to learn more about COTS (Committee on Temporary Shelter), our focus of the month, and then help us sell the fudge we made last […]

  • This October I took the first step in creating a workshop on sexism for Student Climate Culture. It was really exciting! Basically, students in SCC have previously complained about sexism, but no one has taken […]

  • Thanks giving is coming up quick! Check out these Dewey events in the upcoming weeks of November before fall break!

    November 8th: We will be cooking a meal for COTS (Committee on Temporary Shelter,) as well as […]

  • This October, I was able to volunteer with the Black Student Union (BSU) for the annual Soul Food Social! Basically, I helped cook for the 300+ people who attended the banquet, and I also had fun setting up the […]

  • 10/21, 6:30-7:30 p.m., in the Dewey Space, come to the VOX Dinner and Discussion! Come have free Dinner, take pictures for the VOX Photo Campaign, and hear from Bianca from the Career Services Hub.

    10/29-  Join […]

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    The Rancing Revolution Rance for a Reason event happened on October 6th  in City Hall Park. They really showed off their rancing skills while fighting bullying! Students were able to fight bullying through […]

  • ThumbnailWhat community service and activites have Deweys participated in September?

    Meet n Greet – Dewey students enjoyed some yummy ice cream as we got to know all of the 2013-2014 Deweys!

    Induction Ceremony – The […]

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