• Rozy Isquith
    September 1, 2014
                Describe a social problem that you have come in contact with during your civic engagement work. What are the root causes? How can they be changed? Do you see […]

  • During the month of August I mostly helped with the baseball team here at UVM. We are trying to build our program and become a more elite side. I helped recruit freshman during the club tabling day, we were […]

  • Steve Davids
    CSSP August

                    I am finally back at school! I have begun to get excited about the volunteering now that I have arrived back at UVM. I have seen many people already from my volunteer […]

  • The Hike for Hunger will take place on Saturday, September 27. We will meet at the Dewey Space at 9 am, and carpool to the Catamount Outdoor Center in Williston.   You must register for our team page, http://www.firstgiving.com/team/273509. There is a minimum $25 dollar registration fee, that can be fundraised! Please register by Monday, September…[Read more]

  • Our Dewey Forum for September will involve watching the documentary “A Place at the Table,” eating FeelGood sandwiches, and having a follow-up discussion. This will take place in the Dewey Space at 8 pm on Wednesday, September 24.


  • Volunteer at the Pride Parade downtown! We will be meeting in the Dewey Space at 11:30 a.m. on Sunday, September 14 to walk downtown together. We will be helping direct people marching in the parade. It should be a day full of lots of fun, music and energy!

  • The first SWSS 08 Seminar of the semester will be held in the Harris/Millis Garage Classroom from 10 am to 4:30 pm on Sunday, September 7th.

  • Come help cook a delicious meal for ANEW Place! Meet in the Dewey House Space at 4:30 P.M. on Friday, September 5th. There will be snacks, music, and lots of fun!   If you would like, you can bring the meal to ANEW Place on Saturday, September 6 , and share it with the people we cooked for.  We will be meeting in the Dewey Space at 6:30 p.m.

  • As the summer is coming to a close, it’s hard to believe that this year I’ll be a sophomore at UVM. Not only did freshman year fly by, but the things that I’ve learned have really taken me by surprise. I feel like […]

  • Throughout the summer, I have continued to expand upon the connections made through the Unitarian Universalist last year. I have developed more of a relationship with GunSenseVT, and plan to work closely with this […]

  • ~Thinking back on groups you’ve worked with before, what role do you typically take in groups? What strengths and skills do you bring? What have some challenges been, and why?
    Thinking back on groups I’ve worked […]

  • Rozy Isquith wrote a new post, CSSP July 1 month ago

    Rozy Isquith
    August 1, 2014
                I am currently enrolled in a summer class at UVM in scenic painting. For four hours each day, we practice recreating architectural structures, and surfaces with […]

  • The month of July was mostly volunteering based off of my American legion baseball team. I did a lot of field work for the team to make it so that the team could play on it. The legion, post 31, was looking for […]

  • This month I was involved in two great civic engagement opportunities. The first was an opioid overdose prevention training that took place in a neighboring town hall. The training provided lots of information on […]

  • acchin wrote a new post, Final Reflection 1 month ago

    Three years ago, the old director of the Arlington Center for the Arts (the arts center in my hometown in Arlington, MA), started an idea she had called “Chairful Where You Sit”.  The concept was to have anyone […]

  • Steve Davids
    CSSP July essay

                    One of my main volunteer ventures this month is a big town wide concert that I will be participating at called acoustic night at our town’s beach. I will be playing […]

  • jhabshoo wrote a new post, gifts 1 month ago

    Jordyn Habshoosh
    September 30, 2013
    I believe everyone is born with some kind of  “gift”.  Whether it is his or her companionship or his or her commitment, everybody has at least one. I believe my […]

  • Jordyn Habshoosh                                                                                  October 13 ,2013
    Grace Matiru […]

  • jhabshoo wrote a new post, reflection 1 month ago

    Jordyn Habshoosh
    Grace Matiru
    Dewey House for Civic Engagement



                In todays society there are plenty of issues that must be delt with in order to improve society whether it is illness, […]

  • jhabshoo wrote a new post, reflection 1 month ago

    Jordyn Habshoosh
    Grace Matiru
    Dewey House for Civic Engagement
                I was never really big on public speaking. Although, I seem like a very outgoing person, I’m very shy when it comes to talking […]

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