• A reflection of 4 years as a Dewey, my history of service:


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    University of Vermont

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  • Hannah Kretvix
    April CSSP Reflection

                I started working with the HowardCenter in November, and through this work, have been able to learn more about some social justice topics from my first-year […]

  • This month I participated in UVM’s first (hopefully annual) Queer Monologues. The coordinator, Emma Flarhety, reached out to me about a month and a half ago asking if I was interested. She said they were searching […]

  •             Since completing my Impact Project and second year of being a Community Service Scholar in the Dewey House for Community Engagement, I can say that I would define leadership similarly to how we did […]

  • My main focus during the month of April was my project for Dewey. I was a member of the group Project Ease the Freeze. Together we planned, gathered donations, packed, and distributed bags filled with items that […]

  • Morgan Dewey

    April CSSP Reflection

    This is my final reflection. It seems like just yesterday I was talking with Kailee at Admitted Students Day and enamored that an organization like the Dewey House existed […]

  • The Hub seminar I attended was the one on resume building. I went in thinking how hard could it be to create a resume about everything you have done. I came out realizing how a resume is like a piece of art. […]

  • I DID IT! I finally completed my checklist for UVM Rescue. I am so close to becoming a regular member I can literally smell it. Literally. Let me explain. All I have to complete is five sets of vital from patients […]

  • In the month of April, my focus was on the group Dewey project. We decide to work with the Humane Society. Our name was Cookies for Critters and we raised almost $400 for the Humane Society. We exceeded our goal […]

  • Sophia Hoffacker
    April Reflection
                Although the Student Advocacy & Leadership Summit took place in late March, most of the community work that I engaged in this month was related to summit […]

    What did you do?
    For my last community service project of my college career I worked with Asian American Student Union and helped set up and run the 1st annual Cultural Couture Showcase! I was helping […]

    Describe an internal or external conflict that has surfaced for you during your past service-learning work. Explain the factors that contribute to it and how you might resolve or cope with the conflict.
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  • Dewey reflection Month of April
    The beginning of this month I focused a lot on my Dewey project, Project Ease the Freeze. I also started volunteering for All Breed Rescue, a dog rescue center. I did an […]

  • As we were introduced to the impact project I thought about what kind of role I would play within my team.  My original idea of appealing the Red Cross about the rejection of gay men donors was something I wanted […]

  • Meghan Pennock
    April 27, 2015
    Final Reflection
                Organizing, planning and implementing a project is an intimidating process. I was glad to join up with my peers to work on our project, because groups […]

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  • In the first seminar of the fall semester in August, the second year deweys created a definition of leadership that states, “Leaders use poise, collaboration, and heartfelt feelings to set an empowering […]

  • In the beginning of my junior year at UVM, I had a good sense of what leadership was. What I did not really know about was that leadership was not always easily seen. While there are plenty of leaders who start […]

  •          I was a member of the group Project Ease the Freeze. Together we planned, gathered donations, packed, and distributed bags filled with items that are needed or wanted by the homeless population of Burlington, Vermont. We paired up with COTS, asked what they needed, and worked out a plan to gather these materials and give them to the…[Read more]

  • Brittany Woodruff
    Dewey Final Reflection : Due: 4/29/15
    “Hard work spotlights the character of people. Some turn up their sleeves. Some turn up their noses. And some don’t turn up at all.” ~ Sam Ewing
         I […]

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