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The student program leader role of the Dewey House is a dynamic volunteer leadership opportunity available to any current Dewey House member. The student program leader is responsible for modeling and promoting civic engagement both within and outside of the Dewey House community.

The student program leader is encouraged to live in the Dewey House to help create and develop strong peer relationships among all members of the residential community. Furthermore, the student program leader provides meaningful programming with on- and off-campus communities. You will work directly with the Program Coordinator and Director to ensure that the Dewey House has a successful and fun year!

The Dewey House is looking for one student program leader for the academic year 2016-2017. This position entails about 3 hours of commitment a week, sometimes more depending on volunteer opportunities and upcoming events. You will participate in two weekly meetings: one with the Dewey Leadership Team and another with the Director. The Student Program Director also has the option to live in the single room on Harris First (if no Access requests fill the space) and can be compensated for part of the time spent on this position via Work Study, if eligible. 

Major responsibilities of the student program leader include, but are not limited to:

  • ·         Collaborating with staff to develop a strong sense of community among students
  • ·         Developing and coordinating social, educational, and service programs twice a month
  • ·         Communicating with Dewey students about community-wide events, with support from the Dewey Squad
  • ·         Programming with Harris/Millis Hall Council and residential advisers to create civic engagement initiatives beyond the Dewey House
  • ·         Collaborating with Living and Learning staff for program director training
  • ·         Acting as a representative voice of the members of the Dewey House
  • ·         Enroll in SWSS 58 and maintain an active presence in the Harris 1 community.


To apply, please answer the following questions in an emailed document to by the end of the day March 3, 2016. You will hear back from the Dewey Leadership Team to schedule an interview, which will take place before March 18th. In the meantime, you are encouraged to apply to live in the Dewey House using the Programmed Housing Application and ResLife Housing Contract by March 14th.

1)       How has the DH impacted you? How can you see yourself making a contribution to enhance the DH experience for others?

2)       What other commitments (academic, co-curricular, etc.) do you have next year?


3)       What experiences or skills do you have that prepare you for this leadership role?

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