YATST Public Speaking Workshop- November 18, 2012

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In mid-November, second-year Dewey House students facilitated a Public Speaking Workshop with high school students from around Vermont.  The Dewey students worked with the organization called Youth and Adults Transforming Schools Together (YATST).  Over 15 high school students from Vermont came to UVM to participate in this workshop focused on building and practicing public speaking skills.  The workshop was completely organized, facilitated and run by Dewey House students.  Thanks to the help of Kailee Brickner-McDonald and the YATST supervisors we were able to create an environment where students respected the learning process, no matter how difficult.  Once outside their comfort-zone, the participants supported of their peers in their speeches and encouraged risk-taking to the point that it came easily.  The workshop was ultimately successful by all means, and we are looking forward to organizing more events in the future.

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  1. Way to go SWSS 58 second year Deweys!!

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